October 2014 {InstaFlashback}

Haven’t done a {InstaFlashback} in forever so I’m doing my Oct 2014 today instead of a {Throwback Thursdays} post. Considering how backlogged I am, it’s almost the same thing. I love taking time to look on what has transpired and relive memories (especially the nice and sweet ones). This memorable meal of Angel Hair pasta with caviar, truffle oil and porcini mushroom was the first time I realised that Raphael could cook a pretty decent meal.

I got all tech geeky playing with Asus tablets where I learnt more about Intel Processors at an event held at Pasarbella.

Spent the day at USS with my bestie from Sydney. Miss her already.

My little sister and I having breakfast in Johor with Regina and Raphael before we all went ga-ga over at Hello Kitty Land and the 100 Doraemon Exhibition.

You can read all about my experiences at the 100 Doraemon Exhibition here.

Attended Smith’s unique KTV wedding!

Brought my mum and sister to get their brows done and was sitting around waiting for them. My sister snapped a candid shot and sent me this photo telling me that even though I had no make up, my pretty red hair looks makes up for it and it reminds her of the hair Ariel had in My Little Mermaid.

Lots of fun in a self portrait studio with Regina, Sushi, Lisa, my sister, and my godsons. More photos and info on this shoot can be seen here.

Caught completely unaware. I was in my gym outfit waiting for my gym buddy Raphael to pick me for TRX class and was surprised to see my sis and her boyfriend appearing with a birthday cake and balloons for me. Most amazingly, my dearest Melva actually travelled from the most western part of Singapore to the most eastern part for this surprise. I was actually really stunned as my birthday was still weeks away but since I won’t be around so celebrations started early. I’m really blessed.

My official pre-birthday celebration was held at W Hotel Singapore with some of my favorite people before I left for Australia. One of the best things about birthdays is being able to spend time with people you love and care about and who love and care about you too.

Lots of catch-up at Woo Bar and throughout the weekend with close friends.

Birthday trip to Australia. Off to Sydney to see my bestie first.

Had lovely brunch in Sydney with close friends in a greenhouse overlooking the lake at Cafe Belle Fleur.

Satisfied my craving of Jean’s Chilli Chicken in Sydney with the lovely company of my closest friends.

Had Ryo Ramen for lunch on a Sunday in Sydney. Totally worth the short queue.

Had to really queue round the block for this one but it was sooooooooo goooooood. Uber smooth and yummy hazelnut roche and almond affogato gelato from the award winning Cow and The Moon artisan gelato in Sydney Australia . It was ranks as world’s best gelato!

Raphael and I fell terribly ill in Australia. I was down with hay fever and sore throat while Raphael was running super high fever. We had to stop by a pharmacy to pick up a whole lot of medications. It’s amazing how he was still able to drive us safely to Melbourne from Sydney. I tried to take over the wheel once to let him rest and I know first hand now that driving with fever is a complete torture. Luckily, we still made it safely to our stopover point at Wagga Wagga. By the next morning, the worst of the fevers were over and we had a hearty breakfast at The Blessed Bean before continuing to Melbourne.

Got reunited with my other BFF, Clara, in Melbourne! Once I was feeling all better, we headed for breakfast and some awesome ninetyplus coffee at Beyond Basics.

The very first meal I had on my actual birthday was the corn cakes at St Ali, Melbourne, Australia.

I had so many little celebrations with my friends for my birthday, I feel truly blessed. This rainbow cake was a surprise from my dearest Clara! I love that she put a ? instead of my age for the candles so I can be forever young.  Even though I was back in Melbourne again recently, I can’t wait to go back to spend more time with her.

My actual day birthday dinner was at Izakaya Den. I simply love the food there (especially the corn fritters, kingfisher sashimi and sesame creme brulee). We had planned to spend my birthday here one year ago and to order every single dish on the menu (there were maybe about 80 to 100 dishes) as part of the celebrations. We didn’t manage to order every single one cause we were stuffed but I’ll say we conquered 80% of the menu and those we didn’t order weren’t worth ordering anyways. I was an incredibly happy girl! Happy belly!

Weekend road trip to Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles and we stayed at this house called The Eagle’s Nest. Just look at the morning view from the house! All those rolling hills and land were all part of Eagle’s Nest. I could wake up to this every morning.

Back at Beyond Basics at Port Melbourne, it’s always a delight and an incredible experience for my taste buds when master Ken from Oakroom shares his passion. Coffee tasting while learning about syphon coffee and his new Slayer machine.

Cafe hopping is one of the best things you can do in Melbourne, Australia. This breakfast for champions was at Axel Coffee Roasters. It’s Raphael’s last meal in Melbourne before sending him off to the airport.

Clara cooked dinner for me so we can laze the night away and play board games! She’s so good in the kitchen!

Had a late lunch at Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia with Clara to spend some completely girly time together.

Spent Halloween on a creepy tour with Clara and David at Lunar Park, Melbourne.

There are so much more to share with you guys but I’ll continue in my next {InstaFlashback} as these photos marks the end of my time in October 2014. Thanks for reading.


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