{Sundays with Raphael} Limoncello for Mother’s Day

Tucked away from the usual bustling evening scene of Robertson Quay, awed with a front view of the Singapore River and the backdrop of a man made cascading waterfall. Limoncello Pizza & Grill accentuates the authenticity of Southern Italy delicacies.

This Mother’s Day, the team at Limoncello Pizza & Grill headed by chef and owner Fabio Iannone and his team of talented individuals, including Chef Mauro Crescendo from the Amalfi Coast has curated 2 sets of tasty menus that is sure to leave a sensual experience and make you want more. Being the filial *cough* son that I am, I brought my mother to Limoncello to try out the Mother’s Day Menu.

For starters, an oven-baked Portobello mushroom cooked to juicy perfection with fresh sauteed spinach drizzled with truffle sauce is served. The first thing that came to my mind was how well balanced the whole dish tasted. Do not be fooled at the simplicity of it being just a typical mushroom. The slight chewiness texture with the combination of the right sauce makes it a great starter dish.

After indulging in the juicy and tasty portobello, we were graced with a second starter – the Saute Vongole (clams sauteed with white wine sauce). Out of the five key senses that use to savor our food, the first thing that hit me was smell. The blending of both butter and white wine filled the air smell amazing and activated my salivary glands even before the first bite hit my tongue.

The first main course was a pasta. Typically I am not a pasta enthusiast and on the rare occasion that I do have pasta, I stick with a handful of places that I know delivers. However, I was looking forward to this pasta dish as contains my all time favourite ingredient – Wagyu beef. The fettuccine hit the perfect point of pasta texture. It was cooked al-dente, slightly chewy but soft enough. The presence of the porcini mushroom provided the dish with the saltiness and extra flavor, while the slices of wagyu beef (which was tender, cooked very well and fragrant) added a savoury taste to the entire dish.

As the part of the tasting experience we got to try the other main dish as well – the Branzino Al Sale (salt-baked Catch of the Day). To be honest, I was quite apprehensive of it.  I’m very wary of consuming fish as I am particularly picky with freshness of seafood and I find many places in Singapore do not use good, fresh fish in their dishes. To my surprise, this fish passed my taste test and the combination of the rock salt (as the complementary sides) with the baked fish further brought out the sweetness of the fish. I would definitely recommend this dish to fish lovers.

Limoncello’s desserts provided a good wrap on the whole dining experience. The Limoncello Cake (Cake with liqueur, almonds and white chocolate) is warm,buttery and like the name of the restaurant, it was nicely infused with limoncello liqueur. It is not too sweet with a delectable soft texture.  The lemon and orange rinds with crushed almonds made the simple looking cake shine. The Tiramisu also did not disappoint.

To sweeten the deal further, diners will enjoy complimentary welcome drinks as well as a bottle of selected red or white wine to compliment the entire experience.

Prices vary from SGD 148++ and SGD 168++ for 2 pax depending on if you were to choose the Fettuccine Con Frattaglie di Wagyu paired with Riparosso Montepulciano D’Abruzzo or Branzino Al Sale paired with Calanchi di Vaiano Chardonnay.

Limoncello Pizza & Grill

95 Robertson Quay,

Reservations can be made at +65 6634 5117 or limoncellosg@gmail.com


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