Oh Mickey!

Cap: Tokyo Disneyland (also seen here about 6 years ago!)

Top and Skirt: Ching

Shoes: Gucci

This Minnie outfit was taken quite awhile back after a yoga class but I thought I’ll share a bright and cheery #ootd to brighten up this Monday morning. I love how Betty Boop was sneaked into cloud of Minnies. My Mickey cap is about 6 years old and it brings back many sweet memories as I bought it in Tokyo Disneyland when I went on an all girls trip with besties. Call me childish if you want but Disney characters hold a special place in my heart and I doubt I’ll ever out grow them.

I had a lovely weekend and I’m looking forward to all this week has to offer me. My dress style these days (other than for work) is very casual and I think it’s due to the hot crazy weather we are experiencing in Singapore. It is easy to fall ill in this extreme weather so remember to hydrate!


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