January 2015 {InstaFlashback}

January 2015 {InstaFlashback}

It’s June already! How fast 2015 seems to be speeding by. Here’s a throwback to the beginning of this year where I started my first few hours of 2015 at the Universal Studios countdown.

Made some Hello Kitty fruits jelly.

Also made croissants and cinnamon rolls. I love baking!

I was falling sick easily and wanted to boost my immunity with more yoga and fruits.

Raphael, Janice, Regina and I celebrated Lerelyn’s birthday over the weekend. More info can be seen in my post “Let’s make Love, Coffee and Magic” .

Had Korean dinner with friends and was inspired to make my own Japchae. It was delicious and highly successful. In fact, I loved it so much, I remade this dish several times over the next few months. Looking at this photo reminds me that it’s time to cook this again!

Homemade spinach, blueberry and almond milk smoothie. Ah! I was so healthy then. What has happened to me now. Time to take a deeper look at my food choices again.

After a friend’s Facebook tag on the released of sanrio ez-link cards, I went a little goo goo ga ga. Thanks to Raphael for getting me the My Melody and Badtz Maru cards and thanks to Regina for helping me get the Little Twin Stars one. I was a happy girl!

Also bought these shiny Hello Kitty EZ-link cards for myself and my sister.

Korean food for dinner! You can read “Yorijori – Korean BBQ and Chicken cuisine in the heartlands” for more photos and details.

I had a hand at making these rice balls which went perfectly well with the army stew!

Spent my Saturday at the downtown picnic supporting my N.E.mation teams. Thanks to Sebby, Xing, Regina and JW for coming down and joining me.

My favourite hair stylist, Michelle of Jeric Salon Bugis, added some tritone colors to my hair in preparation of Chinese New Year!

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” – Salvador Dali

Viewed some original Salvador Dali art during the launch of Elevatione By Dali , a luxury skincare brand that is finally in Singapore. If you want to know how I thought about their skincare, read my post on ” Elevatione by Salvador Dali “.

Churros with chocolate dip for dessert after a massive dinner at Baja Fresh with Raphael. Read what he had to say about this mexican restaurant at ” A Little Taste of Mexico with Baja Fresh “.

Decided to make some chocolate eclairs and Hello Kitty mint dark chocolate bonbons to reward myself after the long work week.

Haven’t posted a selfie in quite awhile so here’s one taken as I head out to Shrove Tuesday for waffles and coffee. Too lazy to put on makeup so a bright top and lips helped to inject some color to my pale face.

Thanks Ronald and Raphael for the lovely afternoon company with yummy chicken tikka curry waffles and coffee at Shrove Tuesday.

Attended the CNP korean skincare event yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel but was running a fever throughout. Loved the texture of quite a few products in their line and am in the midst of testing them out still. Thanks Regina and JW for accompanying me after the event when I was feeling sick that day.

The delicious and pretty rainbow birthday cake that I got for my sister’s boyfriend’s celebration.

Had my first Yusheng during the lovely lunch with the peeps from Tourism Authority of Thailand Singapore office.

Selfie taken when I was on the way to try a Powerplate fitness class. Read all about my experience and reveiw in my “Croyez Studio” post.

Had an incredible feast at Far East Square. Never knew that they had so many delicious food offerings. Follow my food journey in my post “5 Places to eat at Far East Square“.

Had a lovely chat with super friendly beauty YouTubers @oiseau88 , @raeview and @stylesuzi about everything under the sun when they were in Singapore. Hope to see them in our sunny island again soon. I also reviewed the SKII Facial Treatment Essence they raved about on my SKII post.

It’s always fun for me to look back at the things I did and the places I went. I hope you like recapping them in my {InstaFlashback} posts too. Thanks for reading.


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