Let’s make love, coffee, and magic

I’ve known Lerelyn for a decade now. She is a friend, a neighbour and the groomer I entrust my two furkids, Louis and Emmie to. Since she started running her own pet shop, she’s been simply over worked. I guess it’s always the boss that has to work the hardest. For her birthday this year, Raphael, Regina, Janice, and I arranged for a simple Japanese dinner followed by coffee, desserts and chats at Strangers Reunion with Lerelyn. To be honest, birthdays are one of the best excuses that we have to make sure that we schedule time out for our friends.

I had quite a few pictures of the birthday girl but she voted against letting me post them up cause I didn’t know how to use 美图秀秀 (a beautifying application) to edit. Lol.

The shot is blurry cause Raphael refused to pose in my sister’s Hello Kitty glasses even though we tried our best to convince him that he hasn’t lost his manliness to the red ribbon.

As we get older, and life gets faster and the time I once had for our family, friends or love ones seems to vanish. It’s a very gradual progression and even simple dinner or coffee dates are harder to come by. My calendar looks like a warzone and even carefree evenings are replaced with events and errands to run. Replies to text messages are always done when I’m on-the-go so I’m multitasking instead of giving my full attention to my friends. All I want to do each day is to finish my tasks then go home and spend time alone.

However, when I run through old photos I’ve taken in my camera (photos such those that I’ve put up in this post), it serves a constant reminder for me to carve out time for the people around me. Spending time with close friends in an unhurried way is one of the things that gives me happiness and I shouldn’t get used to brushing it aside as something unimportant. What may seem important right now may not be important 10 years from now but the people in your life will always be the reasons that makes your life more fulfilling. So, I will make it a point to schedule in dates with my friends, my family and my love ones despite my neverending to-do lists. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just simple unhurried quality time over a meal or an undivided attention to a phone call is all it takes to say that I still care and I still love them.


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