Vibe Opening

Some of you who have followed for a long time might know that one my good friends, Melva, is the owner of the online nail polish store, . It’s been around for awhile already and has saw its share of ups and downs. I saw Melva working on nailvibe day in and day out, amounting to a near breakdown! But that’s the price that one has to pay to built a successful business. So I am really glad that she’s doing so well now and have accomplished so much! In fact, she just opened a new retail outlet at 18 Cross Street #02-27 China Square Central and I was there for the official opening! I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her.

The shop is gorgeous with rows and rows of nail polish in almost every imaginable shade with the newest colors coming in as soon as they are available from the suppliers! Even though I don’t paint my own nails, I couldn’t resist and ended up buying the newest Katy Perry series.  And other than nail products, vibe carries a glamorous range of full crystal hand sewn evening bags that is absolutely breath-taking!

Of course other than Melva and her partner, my godson Leonidas stole the limelight just by being him! Who could resist a cuddle from this chubby cutie! I haven’t seen him in a month as I was busy traveling and he has grown by so much!


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