Allure Tribal Necklace

Happy Easter everyone! I’ll be unveiling the tote bag that I’ve designed for Watsons on facebook so check it out here! In the video, you’ll catch me wearing this outfit  together with this Allure Tribal Necklace from My Precious Chest!

My Precious Chest is constantly updating their website with new designs which makes it easy to find an affordable piece to match anything you have in your wardrobe! The Allure Tribal Necklace is a chunky fashion statement that will add that extra oomph to your outfit!

Also, I’ve been travelling a lot and I know some of you have asked me how I bring my accessories around. Well, I use to put them in mini zip lock bags and slip them in my hand carry but I recently found an easier and more stylish way of toting them around after receiving my pre-ordered jewelery pouch from My Precious Chest! This way, everything stays in one place and can be picked out at one glance! The pouch at the side is also great for anything that is irregularly shaped. I’m absolutely loving it! I chose hot pink but there are several other colors to choose from as well.

Disclaimer: Jewelery and Watch depicted in the photo is my own and and not from My Precious Chest.


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