Sunday outing at ECP

Sunday is my time to spend with family, friends and my dogs. Sushi, Daryl and Leo are consider almost family since Leo is my little Godson.

On Sundays, we usually like to head to the beaches so that Louis and Emmie can have the day strolling along the seaside or if schedule permits, a swim in the sea. On this beautiful Sunday, Sushi, Daryl and godson Leo came along to spend the day at East Coast Park. We rented a quadcycle so that everyone could participate together!

I was the lady behind the wheel, Louis and Emmie sat in the area at the front of the quad-cycle and the Fong family sat behind. It felt like we were running a family ice-cream truck along ECP! It took some co-ordination and Leo had a wonderful time.

We took turns at the wheel and I spent some time with Leo at the back seat when Sushi  and Daryl took charge of the wheel. He was in his “Oh No!” phase and would frown and cover his head every time you said “Oh No!” to him. It’s hilarious and I think he looks absolutely cute when he frowns.

Before long, the afternoon was spent and we headed off for a good local dinner at my favourite mee pok stall 🙂


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