Last Day of CNY Dinner 2012

This post will conclude the last of my Chinese New Year 2012 postings. The 15th day of Chinese New Year dinner. I met up with my friends after work at Melben crab cause everyone was craving for good crabs. I don’t take seafood but I was told the sauces are amazing and to die for!

I think I really was missing out on the whole crab experience cause the sauces I tried were really superb and everyone at the table had full of praises for every dish. They ordered spare ribs in the butter sauce just for me! It’s not in the menu and uses the same famous butter cream sauce they used to the crab. It’s sinful but even now I’m still lusting for it!

To say it was a satisfying meal is an understatement. I really do think the food was worth the wait despite the long queue. I realised that other than the original Ang Mo Kio branch, Melben had a few other branches but I’ve not tried them. Are they as good?

Of course, other than just the food was the fabulous company. Clara and Rapheal are both back in Melbourne but I hope the dinner with us all at Melben crabs warms their hearts (ironic huh!).

Here’s the final group shot of all of us 🙂

My family and friends are my biggest anchors and the ones that constantly makes me homesick.

Before I end this post, here’s a photo of my wonderful nails done by nail guru, Clara Hwang! My nails only get attention whenever she’s around and I’ve yet to find anyone in Singapore that can rival her skill. Everything is made from scratch and lasts for the longest time!


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