Snapshots of January 2013

Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on in my life at the start of this year!

I started my New Year with a bang overseas in San Francisco, USA and Hong Kong.

I love SF and all the shopping in the states!

After crossing countless date and time zones, I finally made it back to Singapore at the the end of the first week of January.

It was a time of meeting friends and family while I was back in Singapore for a short while and I took my godson Leo to the beach. See how excited he is to play sand! Children are a great reminder of the innocence in the world.

One of my favourite purchases. I had been bringing the givenchy rottweiler clutch and iphone holder all around the world the since Dec!

Being away from home and having exciting foods in the restaurants is great but sometimes I just crave simple homecooked comforts such as congeee.

I tried this new Ipoh beansprout and chicken with rice noodle for one of my lunches. It was okay but not great.

Had a girly catch-up session with Regina and Yitian over Japanese food at Great World City. Food and company were both fabulous!

I was invited to a food tasting session at District 10 and this was the cherry tart with vanilla sauce and bitter chocolate tart. I’ll post my review on the place in my blog soon so look out for it!

Forty Hands have always been raved for their coffee but I discovered that their hot chocolate is pretty awesome too!

I love Dr. Seuss!

I went on a cable car excursion with Sushi, Daryl and godson Leo! Leo simply loves angry birds.

A birds’ eye view of the new beach villas in the Sentosa Resortsworld. The girls and I should plan for a staycation soon!

Whenever I’m back, I’ll meet up my girlfriends whenever I can and this tang yuan with ginger soup was taken at one of the late night supper sessions I had with Sushi.

Found and did food tasting for a local cafe with an old school twist. It’s pretty good and I’ll be posting the review on my blog soon so watch out for it!

There was so much errands to do before I left Singapore again.

My iphone 4 decided to die on me the day I was going to depart. It can’t be worse timing but thankfully, after a mad rush, I got it all sorted out and now I have an iphone 5.

My bff, Sushi, held a steamboat and grill session at her place to do a mini pre-cny celebration for me as I’ll be missing out on the festivities when I’m abroad. She is incredible and makes one of the yumiest ingredients for steamboats.

Regina and JW sent me off on my late night flight. Super sweet!

Headed to Amsterdam, Holland. I love the architecture and canals of this city.

While in Amsterdam, I had to have my favourite dutch pancakes. This one is a savory one with ham and cheese.

I love dutch painters especially Vermeer and Rembrandt. Rembrandt’s painting were extremely captivating and I admire how he manages to capture texture and jewelry so perfectly.

I think that this has got to be the cutest ride in Amsterdam and it’s such a commonplace car!

I’ve been to Amsterdam several times already so I was in less of a sightseeing mood and more of a relaxing cafe and people watching mood for most of the holiday.

I had pretty good and fast internet connection in Amsterdam so I still blogged while I was there. This was a cafe in the fashion district of Amsterdam. My hotel was facing Chanel and next to Louis Vuitton.

I left Amsterdam and briefly stopped by Riga which is the capital city of Latvia. The photo shows the pasta I had for dinner while I was there.

I took a flight from Latvia to Turku, Finland followed by a train to Helsinki, capital city of Finland. It was snowing heavily almost everyday while I was there!

It’s so cold in Helsinki that even the sea is frozen and ships need to break through the ice as they come in and out of the port. This was only the start of the coldest journey I made in my life.

The grand Senaatintori in Helsinki looks positively covered in snow as I walked up those treacherous snow covered and ice frozen steps on the last day of January 2013.


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