Singaporean Flying From Singapore To Melbourne Australia via VTL

I promised to do a follow-up post of my Singaporean Flying from Melbourne to Singapore via VTL when I flew back to Melbourne. With the easing of restrictions between Singapore and Australia, travelling (at least via VTL) is becoming pretty fuss-free.

My flight is from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia, via Singapore Airlines on the 9th of March. If you are not an Australian citizen or PR or do not have a work/study visa, you will need to apply for an ETA via the Australian ETA app (available on both Apple and Android).

I needed a notarised pre-departure ART (RAT in Australia) travel test negative result within 24 hours of my flight. Travellers must take the test at a recognised or accredited clinic, laboratory or medical facility. Your test certificate with come with a corresponding QR code. This QR code should link to your digital pre-departure test certificate. There is a list of clinics that provide this service for varying fees. You could also pay a premium for the test to be done in the comfort of your home. As my flight was a midnight red-eye one, I pre-booked an appointment with Affinity Clinic and went to test on the morning of the flight day. My cost for the test is $35 nett. The clinic told me that they would provide results via SMS within 1 to 2 hours of the test, and they will send the notarised memo to your email and mobile within 3-6 hours of the test. I got both within an hour of my test.

Next, complete the Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD). You can start your DPD seven days before your flight and submit it within 72 hours before your departure for Australia. Again, you must provide your health information and declaration (vaccination status and COVID-19 test result) within 72 hours before your flight.

Changi Airport is pretty efficient, but I’ll still recommend checking in 2 hours before your flight. You can use the extra time to shop for duty-free goods in the transit area. I preloaded my negative test results and vaccination certificates on the app when I checked in online. Alternatively, you can show them directly at the Singapore Airlines counter when you check in your luggage.

Upon arriving in Melbourne, you will need to travel to your home or other private accommodation ( no detours). Take a RAT/ART using a home test kit. If you are negative, you are free to go out. There is no need to report your results. If not, you will need to report it and be quarantined. I brought my test kits from Singapore because it’s cheaper than buying one in Melbourne.

That’s it, folks! Hopefully, this will give you more clarity if you are bound for Australia soon.


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