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Good skin is an indicator that every generation has harnessed to represent beauty. However, today we are tackling skin issues differently from the generations before us. We want great skin, and we want it now. Be it injectables to put ageing at bay or makeup to conceal it. Baby boomers have spent years worshipping their holy grail products, and we have all spent our pretty penny on those niche skincare brands that promise to deliver results quickly. But even then, we still get impatient. Why wait for a cream or a whole skincare routine to change our skin when we don’t have to? Of course, I still believe that investing in a good skincare routine is essential as it is the basis of good healthy everyday skin, but I am more than happy to upgrade to a supersonic method to achieve glowing skin.

I’ve had pretty good skin for my age ( I’ve just crossed 40, in case you were wondering), but the last two years of lockdown got me good. I stopped taking the extra steps to keep my skin moisturised in the Melbourne cold, and arid weather and my “Netflix and binge” diet left my skin dry and dull. Returning to Singapore after two years in  Melbourne, I noticed that subtle signs of skin ageing were starting to be “less subtle”. My skin texture, colour and wrinkles were more pronounced now than before. With glowing skin being the complexion du jour, I turned to the aesthetic doctors at The Clifford Clinic for their advice on affordable interventions. Dr Brandon Seow suggested Profhilo will give my whole complexion much-need life.

What is Profhilo


Profhilo is the latest buzzword on getting your glow boost. Known as the “injectable moisturiser”, it gets to the spots where ordinary serums can’t – underneath your skin. Great for anyone above 30, many consider Profhilo a starter treatment for the mid and lower face. It aids in replenishing the collagen and elastin levels which will improve the skin texture and help the skin get that glow. Dr Brandon Seow explained that Profhilo contains one of the highest concentrations of hydrating hyaluronic. In case you assume it’s the same as dermal fillers, it’s not, and your face shape will not change. Profhilo uses a hybrid of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid to improve the overall skin hydration by drawing and holding water rather than sculpting and defining.

 authentic Profhilo Packaging

Authentic Profhilo Packaging

What to expect

Even though I arrived bare face and without makeup at The Clifford Clinic, I gave my face another wash to make sure it was clean. A layer of numbing cream is applied to my face to maximise my comfort during the procedure. Dr Brandon Seow marked the spots on my face. Profhilo is then injected just underneath the skin’s surface on ten spots – five on each side of my face. Immediately after, you will see raised bumps that look like mosquito bites on each injection site. You are not supposed to massage it. Leave it alone, and it will slowly dissipate into the surrounding skin within 24 hours. Pain-wise, it varies from individual to individual. I have low pain tolerance, and the procedure is not pain-free. It was slightly uncomfortable but the stings are pretty bearable. A vibrating device was placed around my face to help distract my senses from the pain.

Profhilo Clifford Clinic



Right after the procedure, it looked a little bit like I was attacked by bees while out on a hike in the forest. Thankfully, we all have to wear masks these days, so no weird stares even though I went out with friends. Luckily, the bumps went away in about about 4 to 6 hours. So there wasn’t much recovery time needed. Avoid strenuous exercise for the first day, and don’t go to a sauna for a couple of days.

The final takeaway

I noticed improvements just after a week. I took the Profhilo Before/After photo after 2 weeks and my skin just looked more hydrated and well-rested. Skin texture improved immensely. Even though subtle, the results are evident. The glow on my face looks like I had been diligently applying hydrating masks for the last two years. To be fair, I only went for one treatment. 

Profhilo before and after

A course of two to three treatments initially is recommended for more lasting results.  It’s great for those who want to dip their toes into injectables but are not ready for fillers or botox. Profhilo has also recently added Profhilo Body into their range of treatments to treat skin laxity.

Profhilo Body

If you feel your skin needs a boost or that your skincare regime hasn’t been working for you, make a consult at The Clifford Clinic, here’s the contact.

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