Mum's The Best Cook

My mum makes the best mee siam ever! In fact I think she’s a real terrific cook… if only I’d inherited 50% of her skills. It’s not that I don’t cook… in fact I do pretty often but my dishes tend to be very westernized… like Shepard’s pie, baked chicken wings, pasta, grilled cod, etc. Or it’ll be very jappy with bento sets and sushi. I’ve also sucessfully dabbled in baking with occasional cupcakes… chocolate cakes… cookies or brownies fresh from my oven. But it’s the yummy local dishes that my mum cooks so well that I’ve not mastered. Maybe it’s cause I can always ask mum to cook!

Friends who’ve tried my mum’s mee siam haven’t found a nicer version commercially or otherwise!

Wore something very casual =)


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