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Some of you might have heard (or saw on my IG stories) that my cocker spaniel, Louis, had a mishap not too long ago. He cut his ear (cockers have incredibly long ears) on a blade accidentally while he was at the groomers. Before anyone gets too hasty and starts pointing fingers, I believe the fault lies on my naughty little boy instead of the groomer. Anyways, I rushed him to vet as soon as I could. The cut was pretty deep and exposed his ear cartilage. The vet shaved the fur off his ears and gave him five stitches. Louis has a pretty high pain tolerance, and he took those stitches like a champ. A  few visits to the vet over a few weeks and a little dent on my finances later, he’s pretty much recovered.

Just before this little unfortunate incident, I ordered a small surprise package for Louis from Kohepets, an online pet supplies company. The delivery was exceptionally efficient and prompt, but I didn’t open the box till Louis fully recovered. It worked out all for the best since he now gets a little “Get Well Soon’ package.

Kohepets Online Pet Store

Kohepets have everything for all kinds of pets. They have a completely comprehensive selection, and a pretty cool, convenient one-stop shop for all your pet supplies. I love that it made shopping hassle free and I no longer have to lug the massive supplies home since they have free shipping above $60. In fact, you get $8 off your first order.

Dog Treats

I generally choose treats that are natural, low in sodium and I avoid treats that are high in corn and wheat gluten. Louis favourite ones are freeze-dried meat treats, which tend to have fewer fillers or additives. He is a very practical dog and will roll over, play dead, spin, sit, gives you his paw or stay real still balancing his treat as long as he gets rewarded at the end of the day.

Instead of giving Louis chew toys, he gets dental chews. It’s his first time trying these cute alligator shaped ones instead of the usual bone-shaped greenies, so he’s unsure what to do with it as he thinks its a toy (he’s incredibly gentle with his toys).

Pet Health Necessities

Other than treats, I also got him some essentials. Louis is 13 years old even though he behaves like he’s a hyperactive puppy. A glucosamine supplement helps to maintain healthy bones and connective tissues for seniors like him.

Cocker spaniels are beautiful, affectionate dogs but tend to have ear problems because of their cute long ears. Regular cleaning of the insides of their ears with a good cleaners goes a long way to preventing ear mites and bacteria. The ear cleansing solution I chose (by Ilia Loves It) is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains natural lactic acid, plant surfactant, rosemary, micro silver (great for sensitive skin), zinc & lavender.

Lastly, since Louis has cataracts (he’s blind on one side and partially blind on the other side), he needs medicated eye drops daily to prevent his cataract issue from worsening. The one dispensed from the vet is $60 for a small bottle and lasts about a month. The eye drops are manufactured in Thailand, so I get the same one off the counter whenever I travel to Bangkok for less than $10. However, since I can’t always make a trip to Thailand, I find that Dr Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima Cataract Eye Drop for Dogs makes for a pretty good substitute. It’s only $16 a bottle on Kohepets which is still a considerable saving compared to getting it from the vet.

Thank you Kohepets for making Louis a happy dog and for all those who would like to check their store out for your furbabies, here’s the link. I’m intrigued by the ‘Pet Tech’ section and am considering ordering an item or two to test out.


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