Universal Studios Hollywood Part 3

Before headeding to the theme park for our rides and stuff… the tour broke for lunch. And it was yummy! We even get to keep the “film roll tins” as a souvenir of the VIP experience. These tins are also for sale to the general public at the theme park stores… with no food in them of course.

There were 2 rides I really liked and should not be missed… which is “The Revenge Of the Mummy” and ” Jurassic Park” … ponchos were provide for the VIP tour group so we won’t get wet. We also got free “ride” pictures as part of the package.

I enjoyed the Waterworld: A Live Sea World Spectacular show. Just don’t seat in the front few rows cause you are guaranteed to get wet!

There was also Fear Factor Live! Yes… they film some episodes of fear factor here since Universal is owned by NBC’s parent company which is General Electric.

Shrek 4-D is actually a very nice ride… but I guess I didn’t get much thrill out of it as it was exactly the same ride I took in Universal Florida a few years back! But I don’t get bored of posing with Shrek! ( or spongebog for the matter!)

Some other interesting pictures I took is of the Bourne Identity Car.


The huge Jaws hanging in the middle of the square.

And this rare picture of a stage that happened to be opened. It contains the 1925 set up of the first Phantom of the Opera movie (silent) and the set has been left like this ever since 8 decades ago. The story goes that this studio is haunted by one of the deceased cast member Lon Chaney and even the guards are excused from guarding the place at night. No workers dare to tear down the set cause every time they tried there would be a fatal accident. Another urban legend states that during the post production party of Phantom… a famous fortune teller told the owner of Universal that as long as those Phantom sets remain… so will the success of Universal. Regardless of which legend is true… the set stands till today.

Since the VIP included the all-you-can- eat pass… dinner was in the park! All-American greasy dinner.

Shopped a little at the Universal City Walk… checked out the concert hall and Hard Rock then called it a day.


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