Universal Studios Hollywood Part 2

I’m all ready with my giant trolley to head to the prop division. It’s a supermarket for any movie makers…. yes… anyone can rent items from the prop warehouse as long as they pay the rental fee and have insurance for the items since some stuff are virtually extinct and irreplaceable (eg. ivory elephant husks which are now illegal to obtain). It’s a little mecca of it’s own… you can find real vintage dishes from the 1930s… gladiator weapons… rubber axes… the hover board from back to the future… fake cakes… basically anything you can think off. Some items such as breakable plastics that look like glass are for one time use only and thus are sold rather then rented. It looks so much like glass but it breaks up easily to blunt pieces so the actors won’t get hurt hurling these around at each other.

After the prop indulgence it was back to the sets! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

From “How The Grinch Stole Christmas“.. Those cute little funny cars actually work! They have been converted from golf carts… I thought that was neat!

Depending on which generation you are born in or if you love old horror classics… you might remember this very notable house. Yup…. it’s the house from the 1960 film Psycho.

The huge outdoor airplane crash set built for War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg is definately the most spectacular. It is a genuine Boeing 747 plane that has been hacked into pieces and airlifted here. If you have been to Vegas before 2005 you might have seen an abandoned plane lying in the desert… well they lease the plane from the company that owns that aircraft and transported the entire plane here!

If you guys watched the last episode of Desperate Housewives… which had the tornado.. well… they shared the same film set. These are are pictures of a tornado run through of Wisteria Lane.

Other then just sets… they also had some special demonstrations and staged events… to show how they re-create flash floods… fires… the original King Kong. The ones I enjoyed most was seeing that flash flood happen in an instant and the stimulated 8.3 Richter scale Earthquake… It was captivating because living on sunny and safe Singapore I never really got to feel what a big earthquake will feel like! (Not that I want to be in a real one.) Most of it were caught on my video camera rather than my digital so not much pictures.

The next post I’ll go more into the theme park aspects =)


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