The importance of having a good hair stylist

The importance of having a good hair stylist

Having a good and trusted hairstylist is like having the best kept secret. She knows what styles suits you best, how far you can experiment and most importantly, she always takes the best care of your hair and scalp. This person for me is Michelle Soh of Jeric Bugis. I’ve known Michelle for close to 10 years now and I’ve always trusted her advice and her expertise when it comes to taking care of my crowning glory.

I’ve not always been on my best behaviour and despite her constant reminders, I still allow sun damage to happen and haven’t been as consistent in doing home treatments. Yet, every time I rush back to Michelle for a rescue recovery, she performs miracles and once again simply gently remind me of the steps I need to take to care for my hair.

I generally hate spending time at hair or nail salons because I feel like I’ve wasted my day away doing nothing but I never felt that way when I’m at Jeric Bugis with Michelle. Her easy demeanor and incredible warmth makes me feel like I spent a lovely day chatting with an old friend while getting my hair done at the same time.

Jeric Bugis uses Aveda products which is one of the best and most organic products you can ever use for your hair. It’s so good that all my friends who have tried Aveda products at Jeric have turned into immediate converts. For a salon that only uses the best for their customers, naturally, the scalp care and hair care are of the utmost priority.  Michelle will refuse to dye or perm my hair unless my scalp is in healthy condition. I really don’t mind because Aveda scalp treatment at Jeric Bugis is a complete relaxation treatment that uses senses and touch to ease my whole body. If you want a good head and shoulder massage that works wonder for your hair and scalp at the same time, this is really the best thing ever.

All the hair treatments at Jeric Bugis are superb. I widely proclaim that they are the best place to get your hair pampered. If you don’t have time to go to the spa for a massage, just pop into Jeric for a hair treatment and you get the spa experience together with a nice blowout! Perfect combination for the busy bees.

I’ve seen a lot of hair inspiration photos with nice colored streaks and was tempted to do the same for my hair. As I’m still working in a formal office environment, I couldn’t possible have a full head of pink and purple hair. Michelle said she would be able to give me some colors in a toned down manner so that I can enjoy both fun and practicality. No bleaching was needed to achieve this effect which means my hair doesn’t get damaged unnecessarily!

I love my hair stylist so much and part of me wants to brag about how good she is while the other half wants to keep her as a secret so I won’t have to share her so much. Her appointments are already pretty packed as it is. In the end, I still believe that good things should be shared so here is the salon and contact.

Jeric Hair Salon (Bugis) 

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #02-42
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6337 4343

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  1. April 19, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    Super gorgeous set of photos, lovely hair and lovely gal~!

    • admin
      June 23, 2015 / 1:22 pm

      Thanks Ena!

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