The After Party

By midnight, most of the guests either retired to their respective villas or  took the transport back to their hotels. But for some, the night was still young and the wild after party is just about to start!

Everyone got into the pool with drinks passed around and lots of splishing and splashing going around.

Some dived and other got dunked and yet still there is a select individual that decided to go au natural and skinny dip while everyone was in the pool! That was just too crazy for us to handle so we cleared the way for him! Luckily he decided the pool wasn’t fun enough and decided to go flash John Lim, the photographer for some free explicit shots instead. And everyone was safe again.

After all the fun, we had the drivers take us to supper (or should I say breakfast) at the 24 hours KFC. I’ve never had  KFC in Bali on my previous trips and I have to say I really like it. I ordered the special spicy version with rice (inside the paper wrapping). The local rice is very fragrant and goes well with the chicken!

This post also marks the end of my “coverage” on Daryl and Sushi’s wedding.

I will continue to blog about my holiday in Bali in the next few posts to come. If emails or responses to comments seem a little slow, bear with me for I’m away and might not have a chance to spend time online. But keep those comments coming cause I will get to them sooner or later and I do like to know what my readers think. As usual, most of my posts will be scheduled to be posted out even when I’m not around. =) I love technology.

Just wanted to share a little of what runs through my head. It’s a random thought but I wanted to record my feelings here, lest I forget about it when age catches up with me.

We were lounging in the water at the end of the infinity pool looking out. It was so  dark, you couldn’t see the sea. Only the curvature of the earth and the moon and the stars stretching all across to the end of the horizon. It felt to me that I was looking directly into space, into the endless stars and possibilities of the many galaxies out there. And it was an oddly calm feeling, a unique feeling of being straddled in 2 worlds of ironic thought.

I look forward at the countless of stars and the milky way streaked before me. I think about how weird it was that by the time their light meets my eyes, they may no longer be there anymore for they are so many thousand of light years away and I feel extremely small and humbled; a tiny miraculous living organism, a blip  of atom in a much bigger place then my mind can ever comprehend. Then, I turn to my side to see my girlies chatting and laughing. I turn around to my back to see all my other friends enjoying themselves in the water, oblivious to the millions of light fragments shining down on them. And I feel a strange sense of belonging, a feeling of immense love. A pulling sensation to the present and a gentle reminder to be grateful of all I have for  in a world that is so big and so vast, I have found a way to fill my heart with love. In a world so endless, I am not alone.


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