Some of my friends noticed that I crossed out suspenders on my wish list and wanted to know how I wore them out. They felt suspenders makes one look frumpy and odd…

So recently I wore my silver suspenders out! These are the pics… the flowery dress top is actually a smock jacket… i added a belt for definition and it turned out rather dress looking.

On a side note… I received a couple of request previously to post up my outfit of the day or to allow an archiving of my old outfits to be viewable. Although I rejected the idea some time back… I’ve recently put it into consideration after having closer friends persuading me. Also… one of my bestie in Australia has recently requested for me to be her personal shopper since our tastes and sizes are pretty similar so I figured it’ll be easier for her to view it on a site than for me to email her everyday. However I haven’t had any time to work on all these so dear friends please be patient.


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