Shopping in Paris

I will be ending my Paris posts pretty soon and I’ll spend these last few posts touching on my favorite activities in the city of lights. Shopping, dining and people watching. I feel that I could just shop and dine all day in Paris and not get bored. My favorite must go establishments include Chanel at 31 Rue Cambon ( the original store), Hermes and Longchamp. And that usually ends up with me going in Prada, Miu Miu and LV as well.

I didn’t take that many photos as I normally tend to be carrying too many shopping bags and getting excited with my purchases to remember to take photos!

I’ve heard many people telling me the French are snotty, but every time I’m in France I tend to meet nice and polite people! Maybe learning the basic, please, thank you and good day in French makes it easier to break the ice or maybe times are changing and everyone is understanding everyone else’s culture a little better.

I had a wonderful time that day! Saw the most gorgeous stuff and bought quite a bit! Every thing about it was lovely except for my poor pockets! Which is probably why I should stay away from Paris and not visit it too often.

One of the perks of the day was running into this litter of puppies that reminded me so much of my Louis. I wish I could have taken them with me on my flight home!

And a video to showcase it all!


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