Redang – Island hopping

The island hopping for snorkeling is included in our package so it’ll be a waste if we missed it! So after an early breakfast, we went to rent our equipment and waited at the jetty for our boat.

There were so many tourists all getting excited to sight see so the atmosphere was building! It was also a good time to make sure we had our sunscreen on!

The journey on the boat was fun and we got to run our feet in the water as it cruised along. The South China Sea is gorgeous and unpolluted. The waters were so clear and pristine!

It reminded me of my island hopping trip around Phi Phi Island in Phuket except the boat was much smaller. We sat at the front and had the wind in our hair and water spraying all over but it was so fun! I absolutely regretted not bring a water camera and had to buy disposable underwater cameras from the gift shop at exorbitant prices.

Any how, in the next post, I’ll show you some of the diving and snorkeling underwater pictures we took!


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