Peranakan Food in Malacca

I’m sure after all the hype with “The Little Nonya” that almost everyone knows that Malacca has good Nonya heritage and food. My grandmother on my maternal side is Nonya and my mother was brought up and influenced by that culture. She cooks and love eating Nonya food so when we were in Malacca she had to give the authentic Malacca Nonya cuisine a try!

The original restaurant I wanted to take my mum to was not opened for business yet so we went to a random Nonya restaurant in the heart of the Malacca town. The shophouse and the furnishing were pretty much what my mother remembered of her own house when she was very young.

The food was not bad. Maybe my standards are to high but it’s definitely not as good as what my mother cooks! I really need to find a good famous and authentic Nonya restaurant to bring her in Malacca next time.


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