On Driving and Cats

For the sweet people that have been inquiring on how my driving test went… well I passed! I’m so happy that I did everything all in one sitting so I don’t have to go back to driving school anymore!

On a totally unrelated topic. For those who don’t know by now… I’m scared of cats. Irrational and ridiculous phobia of cats. When I was really young I got chased by a tabby cat and I guess that’s where my fear stems from. When it comes to cute kitty cats… these fur balls look so adorable with their puss-in-boots eyes that I for a moment it melts my fears and focus on their soft and cuddly… but only from a distance. Just like these kitties I saw awhile back… but inch a little closer into my comfort bubble and you see me running like never before.

Oh yes… and I’m not afraid of hello kitty cause it has no mouth to bite me! Bleah!


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