National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

A quick trip via the trains to the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

The hall  was officially opened by Chiang Kai Shek and serves as a place for people to pay tribute to Father of the Republic. It is also used for cultural, artistic, educational, academic, and recreational purposes and the open spaces are regularly used for performances.

This hall is built with the latest technology of multimedia and a professional library with a collection of over three hundred thousand books. It is reputed center for learning and while I was there, we saw many students. Some were doing life art painting of the beautiful grounds.

Similar to the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, you also have a huge bronze statue and the rotating guards.

Shortly after the hall was completed, President Chang died and his funeral was held here with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the hall to have one last glimpse of his body.

I didn’t take much photos as it was raining that day but the flowers on the grounds were quite pretty.


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