Taipei 101

I’m sure most of you that have been to Taipei before had gone to take a look at the Taipei 101 台北101 skyscraper. At one point it was the highest building in the world but now it’s the third tallest building. The 2nd being Shanghai World Financial Center and the tallest is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The Taipei 101 still holds some world records other than height. It has the fastest ascending elevator speed (16.83 m/s), the largest countdown clock and the tallest sundial. Taipei 101 features an Indoor Observatory (89th floor) and an Outdoor Observatory (91st floor). Both offer 360-degree views and attract visitors from around the world. I didn’t go all the way up to view due to rain and was contented to wander the shopping area instead.

Found a teppanyaki joint with the same name as me!

There were a lot of indoor floral decoration that were really pretty. The place was crowded that day due to rain but outdoors in the sheltered area were some students painting the surround trees.


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