Mum's day out

It’s kinda odd that when you have  young kids, you find that there is no time for yourself but when your kids are no longer kids you miss spending time with them. I know my mother feels this way especially when my dad travels for work, my sister is busy with her bf and I’m hardly around. So whenever I can I’ll try to take my mum out.

Of course  I usually prefer simple home cooked goodness like cury chicken, double boiled soup, steam egg, shitake mushrooms and and sambal long beans when my mum is in the mood to cook but I try to bring her out for nice fancy dinners too! Mum especially loves chilli crab and peranakan food.

Now that Mother’s day is next month, I’m not too sure what to get for mum. I’ve been buying presents for so many years and so many occasions I’m running out of ideas! Was supposed to go with my family on a bangkok trip this week to R & R but the situation there has forced me to cancel my tickets.  What are you getting for your mothers on Mothers day?

My simple comfy outfit.

PS – My mum’s a little camera shy so you’ll see her pictures on the blog from time to time but not always.


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