Muir Woods

The drive up to Muir Woods was really pretty! These were taken while in the car… there are quite a no. of switchbacks so inexperience city drivers like myself have to take it slow even if I hog up the road! Luckily the road manners and tolerance is very good in SF!

Driving across the Golden Bridge to Muir Woods was a last min decision. But I was game for it cause I though it will be a drive up and walk around thing. But as it turns out… I couldn’t resist doing the hike up to see the view even though I wasn’t dressed for it. No trekking shoes or even a water bottle! Yet in my city boots with dangling earrings and LV speedy… I manage to make that 2.8KM trek against gravity to view the fabulous ocean view and then took another 2.8KM trek down again!

At least I still had my sunnies to block out the glare.

While SF temperatures are usually around 11C to 18C during this trip (yes, they have cold summers)… I had 2 days of heat-wave while I was there so temperatures were a high 28C. Trust me… coming from humid and hot Singapore… that was chicken feet to me. I love how sunny yet non-humid it is!

The redwood trees are hugh and very tall with a history of 150 million years… though most of them are no longer around unless you go to the very few protected reserves like Muir Woods.

Normally I’m pretty tiny compared to most people but these trees make me feel like an ant!

This is the cross-section of a 1000 year old redwood.

Even the not that old trees are so tall!

At the first section of my climb up. See how narrow the trek is. Well… it gets even narrower at some parts.

Though not equipped for this trek… I’m quite glad I did it cause I enjoyed the shady forest.

When the trees start to disappear and you see such clearing it means you’re really near the top! I was pretty exhausted and very thirsty at this point. If not for the spectacular view that make me go on and on.

I kinda regret not taking any pics of the sea view of the hill!!! Which is on the opposite side of this view.

Took a break at the top of a rock before making my way down again.

See what I spotted!!! 2 deers taking some rest under the canopy of the shady trees.

The drive back was using a different route and I was captivated by the blue sky and green hill all around. Too bad there really wasn’t anywhere I could stop to take photos as the road was pretty narrow and busy. These pics were taken from inside the car so it’s a little on the blur side… Considering that not much effort could be taken to frame the picture I still love the shots.


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