SF Horse Riding

Here I am in Sauaslito, CA… if I look gloomy in those 2 picture is cause the sun was glaring into my eyes while the pictures are being taken.

Sausalito is situated near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge and is in Marin County. It’s really very scenic and you can view the skyline of SF city across the bay.

The area is filled with marinas and al fresco cafes. We bought lunch and just sat on the grass facing the beautiful waters enjoying the day.

Interesting people that I’ve heard of that lives in Sausalito would be author Amy Tan of The Joy Luck Club and Ken Pontac, creator and author of Happy Tree Friends.

After having early brunch I headed off for a long drive to Half Moon Bay on the Southern side of the Golden Gate. Half Moon bay is a costal city in San Mateo and about 25 miles from SF city. It’s more of a local spot rather than the usual tourist crowds and it’s also the nearest place to go horse riding! I love horses and riding them… and since it’s so expensive to keep my own horse and carry out this sport in Singapore… I tend to take every holiday as an opportunity to go horse riding.

Surfing is one of the hot spots in this region and everyone is out to play in the summer time. It also helps that Half Moon Bay is usually on the cooler side with temperatures peaking around 19C. Temperatures of more than 32C happening only 0.2% in a year so the day I visited was considered a really good day for the beach as it was about 20C.

I spent the most part of the day riding my lovely brown horse named Marlboro. He was a speedster! He loved to gallop and while he’s very obedient with instructions on the rein he get a little pouty when I hold him back on a trot.

He won’t let any horses over take him and will race to be first all the time… winning everytime! Thats my kinda horse! Run with the wind!

The riding area was huge and we were allowed to take the horses to the quieter end of the Half Moon Bay Beach to gallop. The moment Marlboro hit the sands he knew that he was free to run as fast as he can. I haven’t felt the thrill and excitement of riding so fast in more than half a year! And boy do I miss it now just thinking about it.

After riding I drove over with my red little PT cruiser to the nearby farmers market. Cherries and strawberries are in season and I wanted to get my hands on them.One of the farmers was so friendly he kindly showed me around the farm. All the vegetables and fruits are home grown!

They also grow really humongous roses here!


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