I'm in The Purse Heaven

Well okay I’m not really in “purse heaven” but I do feel that way whenever I get my hands on a new bag. The excitement and the thrill of laying your hands on a new beautiful and functional accessory.

And my newest addition is this lovely pink Sonia Clutch from The Purse Heaven. Its pink, dainty and functional so I took it for a ride around town, met Sushi and Daryl in the morning, had a refreshing afternoon chatting at a park and met another group of friends for dinner in town.

This is not the first time that I’ve carried bags from the purse heaven and you might remember them for the dusty pink sling bag or the grey ribbon work bag that I’ve carried before. This Sonia bag can be carried as a clutch, a short sling or a long sling! How versatile!

My favorite way of carrying it however is as a clutch and I love the size. Big enough to slot in my handphone, keys, tissue, compact camera,  and wallet.  And yet small enough to not overwhelm my petite frame and look dainty with my dress.

It comes in 4 colors, pink, purple, white and grey. My first choice was actually the white version but I was afraid of getting it dirtied cause I’m such a careless person so I decided to take the pink one instead. The pleats and the chain strap adds texture to the design.

So head down to THE PURSE HEAVEN to check out their collection of bags, there are always new arrivals and exciting offers. In fact I’m awaiting for one of the bags that was on backorder! The Sonia clutch however is currently readily available.

If you purchase a total of more than $80 you’ll get free registered post so it’s not a bad idea to get more than one bag or combine purchases with friends.


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