Disneysea was one of our must-go stops in our tight itinerary. I’ve been there with my family previously but none of the other girls have gone to Japan’s Disneysea so off we go!

We were all tired from our morning shopping at Akihabara but the moment we arrived in Disney grounds, we all perked up! The Disney train with Disney music in the background really sets the mood for a fantastic day ahead!

Everything in the Disneyis so well thought of… from Disney character topiaries to Mickey shaped pancakes! We loved the hotel and might consider staying a night there on our next visit. Prices for a night stay starts at ¥33000 which works out to be slightly less then S$500.

While you have Disneyland in different countries, here is only one Disneysea in the whole world right now. Disneysea has a nautical theme and was designed for teens and adults rather than children. So the rides are faster and scarier then the usual fare at Disneyland.

We bought our park tickets at ¥5800 a piece… the 2-day park pass (if you wanna cover both Disneyland and Disneysea) would be at ¥10000, giving a slight discount over getting 2 individual tickets.

First order of the day was to choose our Disney headgear at the stores! I have quite a number of Disney headbands from previous visits and wanted something different. In the end, Koji and I picked out a discreet pair of Marie Cat ears each, Clara went for floppy Stitch ears and we bought Sushi Minni Mouse bridal veil ears! After all, we were here in Japan to celebrate her hen’s night!  She promised to wear it all day and back to the hotel.

Disney is celebrating their Spring Carnival from April 22 to June 30, 2009. So flower upon flowers are seen all over the park… really pretty!!! I love the Mickey mouse flower balls!

There are 7 theme ports of call in Disneysea. The first area upon entering the main area where there is a lake is the location of the water shows. Mediterranean Harbor is inspired by Venice, Italy and the buildings surrounding this area are actual functional Disneyland hotels! Hotel guests can lounge by their balcony catching the sights of the park without leaving their rooms! All around many quaint little shops and restaurants can be found.

The thing that caught our eyes was the Gondola rides on Palazzo Canals. The music and the mood and of course the clean canals made this one look so romantic and even more attractive then the actual Gondola rides in Venice. We all wanted to take the ride but lunch was piority.

We found ourselves on the streets of old New York. With broadway shows and diners. Marching straight into the first one we saw, lunch was ordered.

After yummy lunch… off we go on the streets again!

Marie cat!!!!  Isn’t she sweet! She’s the cutest of all the Aristocats.

Tower of Terror! Despite it’s scary name, we managed to convince our dearest Clara that it’s just a mild harmless ride with nothing to be fearful about. You can even see her monkeying around and snapping photos while queuing for the ride.

Unfortunately, the moment we were strapped into our seats and transported vertically upwards, Clara realized that she’s been tricked! To sum it up, Tower of Terror is a free-fall type attraction with sudden high speed ascents and drops through darkness. Clara claims her heart almost fell out of her mouth together with lunch! Sushi and I reacted with normal doses of fear and Koji look incredibility calm and collected the whole ride! No screaming or movement or any facial expression! She’s one cool babe!

See the broken window on the building? Well, that’s how far we fell!!!!

We strolled from early 20th century New York into the quiet little New England fishing port of Cape Cod. The atmosphere change from the bustling streets just across the bridge to this serene cove is rather obvious even though they are so close to each other.

Some of my favorite photos were taken in this area of the park. I would love to visit the real Cape Cod someday if time permits.

Gorgeous right? Even though everything is made believe.

I tried my luck at getting the ducks to come nearer but these ducks are definitely very tame and very well-fed. LOL… Plus all I had to offer them was the park’s map!

We’re only half-way through the park! Unfortunately I’ve gotta head out now to meet friends… will continue Disneysea part 2 when I get back!


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