December 2006

Yes I’ve been really lagging and am still trying to catchup.

Although I’ve been taking pictures of my outfit from years back… I haven had the time to consolidate them and put them up here… Previously if you click on the What is Renzze Wearing Today on the right side bar you would only see what I wore up till November 2006.

I’m gonna try to get that all done up so you can view my previous outfits till the present day. My my… sometimes I just cringe at the styles I’d wear even though it’s just 2 years back… every day is a different direction!

To start click to see all my outfits in December 2006.

I’ve picked out some of my favs in Dec 2006.

This white chanel was my favorite bag till I ruined it and the stains could not be removed.

I love the combination of this perfect-for-singapore’s-humid-weather dress. And had lots of fun at the zoo that day… these photos bring back such fond memories.

I’ve almost forgotten I had this tiger lily tankinis till I saw this picture. I loved it so much I paid a bomb to get it altered when I was in Brisbane.

Dress code of Yan Hui’s Christmas Party was Christmas Cheer… even Louis wanted to join the fun.

I love this Issy Miyaki Dress I wore for Christmas Eve Mass. The pleating is so well done. I do admit that I should have matched it with a more suitable belt but the original belt I was suppose to pair this dress with was spoilt and I just grabbed the next best thing I could find as we were already late. The brown and yellow butterfly belt that Audrey is wearing is made by me!

Love the structure of this jacket top!


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