Crystal Jade Shanghai

Had dinner with Bernice and her little girl, Arielle at Crystal Jade Shanghai at the Singapore Changi Airport T3 to catch up! We both have been taking turns to travel so it hasn’t been easy for us to find time to meet up.

Arielle has grown up so fast and pretty! She’s no longer the tiny little infant I once carried anymore. She’s currently in the “sticky to mummy” stage so it took some effort to win her over. Now that my friend, Bernice is preggy with her 2nd child, Arielle will have a sibling to play with very soon. I think she looks like the precious moment figurine and my favorite shot of her that night is the one below.

She looks like she’s having a headache which is absolutely adorable! LOL.

And here’s my outfit below. The back of the dress is an open back with a tie ribbon but I forgot to take photos of the back.


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