Bali Safari and Marine Park – Part 2

I’m back to continue the safari adventure!

This tiger got curious and really close up to the tram!

There are many more animals but I guess I’ve showcased quite a number already!

After the safari ride, I headed straight to the white tiger exhibit. It is one of the key attractions in the park.

The white tiger exhibit was done in Indian styled architecture. Very well constructed and I love the paintings they had on the wall of the “caves”.

This is really random but I thought it was a cool design so I’ll share it with you guys. When I went to the ladies in the park, I was amazed to find that you can actually see animals there too! Here’s a shot of the (rather smudgy) glass in the ladies room.

Lol… I wonder how it would feel like to be the lion that gets to stare at his preys doing their business in the ladies room! Poor thing!

I’ve seen more than my fair share of animals that day but I wanted to go watch the elephants have their bath before I had to leave.

I brought along a bunch of bananas so I get to feed them again. But looking at the crowd of onlookers at the side getting all excited, I gave out my bananas to the kids around me instead. That way they can experience the fun of feeding the elephants just like I did.

Here’s the video of my trip there and if you wanted to know the names of some of the animals I’ve put up here, I’ve included them in the video as well. Enjoy!

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