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Tuning out

Hello! It’s great to finally find time in a little quiet corner to type out my current thoughts. Just to keep in touch with you and also with my inner feelings. I’ve been traveling a great deal recently which is completely up my alley. Follow me on Instagram @renzze to see my travel snaps while my IG stories will give you raw snippets of my day to day life. I’ll be blogging in detail about the amazing places I’ve been...

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SIMPLE Skincare for the busy gal

There are a million and one skincare choices out there but sometimes, we just want to look for something fast, easy and effective. Since I have pretty sensitive skin, I was delighted to have found that SIMPLE skincare (who have been the experts in sensitive skin since launching the first perfume and colour-free soap in 1960) have offered some pretty cool solutions to ease my cleansing routines. Micellar water has been trending for some years now. Highly raved by beauty editors and...

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2525 - Pidapido Melbourne

Dreaming about one of Melbourne’s best gelato

I’ve been sick for the last couple of days. So sick that on the first day, I could barely hoist myself out of my bed to take a shower. With a fever of 38.8C, I was swimming in my own cold sweat and I couldn’t care less about the rest of the world. I had no appetite and had to force myself to eat enough just so I can take my meds. Subsequently, I got better but I lost my...