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Macao – Beyond the glitz and glamour

Whenever I mention Macao, invariably, people will mention Casinos. Macao’s image as a Las Vegas of the East is a solid one but beyond all the glitz, glamour and dazzling casinos lies a quiet side of Macao that I came to know and enjoy. Macao, until the last decade of so was actually a rather sleepy town. To get a glimpse of the old Macao, all you have to do is get yourself out of the casino strip and head to Coloane...

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Multi-Masking for the combination skin

In today’s beauty trends, multi-masking is the easiest way to increase the efficiency of your beauty routine and take your masking ritual one level higher. Why be satisfied with one mask to solve all your skin woes when you can mix and match your masks to make sure each individual skin woes on your face is well taken care. I have marjory complicated combination skin that can be dry and flaky in some parts while dull and in some areas...