Tuning out

Hello! It’s great to finally find time in a little quiet corner to type out my current thoughts. Just to keep in touch with you and also with my inner feelings.

I’ve been traveling a great deal recently which is completely up my alley. Follow me on Instagram @renzze to see my travel snaps while my IG stories will give you raw snippets of my day to day life. I’ll be blogging in detail about the amazing places I’ve been too and the incredible experiences I’ve had but you need to be patient with me cause I’m in the middle of a big storm at the moment.

I started September completely ill and even lost my voice. I was so sick I couldn’t even get out of bed for a few days and had to forgo a media trip to Vietnam. Thankfully, I recovered in time for my Trip of Wonders with the Indonesian Tourism Board.  They showed me the beauty of Indonesia and I had so much fun!

Due to heat exhaustion and general lack of sleep, I fell ill again in the last 2 days after returning back to Singapore. However, meetings and work awaited me so I plough on. There are some major changes on my business end of things as well and I honestly can’t wait to get better so I can deal with matters in a better frame of mind.

Tomorrow, I will be running off to Macao with some fun people and the Macao Tourism Board. Yes, it’s now officially Macao and not Macau! It’s been quite awhile since I visited Macao and I heard so much have changed! Totally looking forward to exploring the city. I just need to make sure I have at least an hour of free time to pack before heading to the airport!

With all the happenings that are surrounding me right now, I’ve learnt to tune out to the unimportant matters and focus on whatever task I have at hand. Here are just sharing some things I have on my mind recently.

I’m also traveling a lot lighter these days. Allowing basics and simple dresses to take predominance in my packing list. I love that my current skin care by The Wellness Clinic is also a lot more streamlined for traveling.

People are important when traveling. They make or break the trip sometimes. It’s always a pleasure when you find fellow travellers on the same page as you. Otherwise, I rather break away and go solo. As long as I’m safe, I’m completely comfortable on my own.

Going to places I’ve never been brings a sense of awe that reminds me why I love traveling so much. The world is so beautiful with so many facets of culture. I’m overwhelmed by the diversity of the human race, the mysteries of ancient cultures and the jaw-dropping beauty of nature that is just sitting out there. It’s hard not to feel foolish and ignorant when we compare to how much we are missing out when we get comfortable in our little routines and get hooked on to our little screens watching for an increase in likes from strangers we don’t know.

 I’m so grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve seen. In my quiet moments, like now, I feel so thankful that I get all these opportunities to travel, for having people around me to support my crazy schedule, for the beauty that God has put into this world, for the wonderful people I get to spend all these with. So very grateful and humbled by the love I’ve received.

I’m not a crazy party girl. In fact, many a times, I’m way to logical and rational for my own good. I’m introverted so I take a really long time to warm up new people, but once I do, I will bare my soul and share my thoughts will abandon. I have a small group of friends whom I love fiercely and will defend till death.

When life throws me too many curve balls at one go, I’ve learnt to tune out. It’s not that I don’t care but I need to focus my issues and tackle them one at a go. I rationalize things quietly and calmly before I act.

I’m also learning to tune in. To open my mind to new perspectives. Being out of my comfort zone helps me to learn more about myself. I’m working more to being open to different types of personalities, opinions and choices. Enjoying the ride and swaying with the current while knowing I have control of the sails whenever I want.

Before I end this post of randomness, I wanna give a big shoutout to Wendy for this lovely summer dress from Eternity Loft that you see in these photos.

And for all of you who haven’t collected all the Sanrio cuties from 7-11, you have until 4 Oct to do so.

So cute right! It made me smile the moment I saw them.


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