{Travelling Tuesdays} One day in Melbourne 2010

Today’s post is actually more of a {Travelling Tuesdays} X {Throwback Thursday} because I’m currently reminiscing a trip I took to Melbourne in 2010. All the photos in this one post was taken in on 12th August 2010. I had initially booked the ticket to spend some time with my dear friend, Sushi, who was studying a course there. Unexpectedly, she got pregnant with my godson, Leo, and flew back to Singapore earlier to get more support from family and friends in Singapore. After much consideration, I decide to go ahead with my trip since I could visit other friends in Australia.

Raphael was almost always there when I went to Melbourne and I coincidentally arranged my trip there on the same dates as Yan. I can’t believe 4 years just flew by. Looking at these photos, I realised how much my friends and I have grown. I count it in my blessing that I’m they are all still in my life today even if our lives all headed in unexpected directions.

Raphael picked me up from the airport and after meeting up with Yan, we headed to the city for some lunch!


All 3 of us has grown so much since then! It’s not only about the physical appearances but the life experiences that have shaped us who we are in the last 4 years.

Everyone just had that extra tinge of sweet innocence then.

Yan was going to be heading home to Singapore the next day so I spent my evening shopping around Melbourne with her.

I guess one of the perks of taking photos is that you sort of capture the vibe and the emotions of the city and the company without even realising it until you look back. I remembered that Yan and I spent the night exploring the city while she shared with me her current situations and her hopes for the future. She had been apart from her husband for a while in order to support his dreams of giving them a better future and I was really touched by her strength. Yan still continues to prove her silent strength and resilience in fighting against all types negativity in her life till today and I’m really proud of her.

Thanks for letting me share with you a snippet of my memories from four years ago.


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