{Throwback Thursdays} Attending a Balinese Wedding in 2010

Continuing the same series of photos from last week’s {Throwback Thursdays} post (where I was in the padi fields of Bali in 2010), my Balinese guide and I took turns to drive my Little Red Jeep to take a peek at a traditional Balinese wedding that was happening in the village.

I normally drive an automatic transmission car in Singapore so handling this manual jeep in off-roads hilly conditions was quite a challenge. I was glad that my guide could double up as a driver because some of the village mud roads were so narrow that we had to literally pull the jeep all the way to the side where an inch further would result in us rolling downhill into more padi fields.

The locals are all so friendly and welcoming to foreigners like me. It’s the warmth of the Balinese people that had me constantly visiting Bali for 10 years. I haven’t been back recently but I hope that things haven’t changed too much.

The entrance of the wedding home. All the decorations are made from leaves and flowers. Both environmentally friendly and pretty!

Here’s the wedding couple in their glorious traditional costume.

I look incredibly tiny next them!

And to prove how long ago these photos are and as a testament to {Throwback Thursdays}, during that time I was still majorly in love with my BlackBerry.

I have since became an iPhone fan (even though I still miss the BlackBerry keyboard) and worked my way through the ranks of iPhone 3s to the iPhone 6 which I just got a couple of days back.

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