The Beaches In LA…

Before heading down the the surf and sand… some hearty lunch! My favorite part of this meal is the bread… yummy!

California is noted very much for their beaches… especially Venice and Santa Monica… mainly because of the notable celebrities staying in those area. Further down and linked to these beaches is Redondo Beach.

Redondo Beach is beautiful and the key filming location of The O.C ! In fact this lifeguard house is pretty much similar to the one Marissa and Ryan is often seen hanging out in.

The next time you listen to “Surfin’ USA” notice that they mention Redondo Beach =)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End was filmed of the coast of Redondo Beach. It stars Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. The Black Pearl was moored in the harbor for several weeks in 2006. If only I was there 2 years earlier!!

I spent the entire day at the beach… and wish I had more time! If only the beaches in Singapore are as beautiful.

Redondo Beach pier aka Municipal Pier aka Endless Pier is the last stop for us… and we settled looking for dinner in that area. ( PS… the pier that you see in The OC where the kids hang out… well it’s actually Redondo Pier! So while I was there I found so many familiar landmarks!)

The night was really chilly so I was glad I brought my woolen leggings along =)

I have to recommend that you try Kincaid’s Bay House for dinner as the atmosphere and food and service is really good! I enjoyed it so much even though I had to give a miss on some yummy seafood cause of my allergies.

And nothing beats ending a very happy day with nice warm fire.


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