{TBT} Byron Bay Road Trip in 2010


Oh yes, these were taken 6 years ago on an all girls trip road trip in Australia which I’m showcasing today as part of my {Throwback Thursday} series.These photos were taken with a tiny compact camera which is probably lousier than the iphone 6 camera we have these days. Our lives have all changed so much but I’m glad that friendships with my two besties are the one thing that hasn’t changed despite the distance. Sorry if you notice ‘Kuromi’ on one of my girlfriend’s face as she still prefers to stay off the grid. Despite being besties with someone who is constantly on social media, she doesn’t have a Facebook account and definitely doesn’t trust putting her face online. I love her anyways.

I missing the blue skies and the even bluer ocean. Luckily, one of the girls, Clara is coming back to Singapore next week so we can do some catchup over ba chor mee, BBQ sambal stingray and all the other yummies that just tastes so much better in Singapore.

Thanks for reminiscing with me.


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