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Massages can be exorbitantly expensive and inaccessible but frequent patrons to overseas massage parlours in popular locations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia can delight in knowing that within the island of Singapore, there are affordable massage service options. For the busy bees, this not only saves you time travelling overseas for that long awaited release of muscle tensions, but also would be easy on your pockets.

Being in an office desk bound position generally leads to discomfort in different muscle groups due poor sitting posture or lack of perodic exercise. If you happen to be in or work in the Central Business District (CBD) area in Singapore, Le Spa is just a stone throw away. Located on Gemmill Lane, off Club Street, which is reasonably easy to walk to from my office in the city.

Stepping into Le Spa, I immediately felt a slight release of tension. The unwinding started partially because I knew that I will be getting a rub down on all my strained muscles and partially due to the relaxing setting and soothing decor at Le Spa. There were a couple of choices of massage but we opted for the 75 minutes Balinese massage.


Being able to be pulled away from the bustling CBD happenings mid-day and immerse myself in a serene and comfortable environment truly energised me for the rest of the work day that followed. The masseuses kneaded away with oil and I was transported to a tranquil little la-la world through their mid intensity strength massages.

If you enjoy higher intensity massages you should try the Urban Fusion Signature Massage and if you prefer a gentle soothing massage (while you catch up on your sleep debts) you can try their Swedish massage instead.

Feeling refreshed from the massage and ready to take on the world for the rest of the afternoon, we left Le Spa contented!

Le Spa opens 24 hours and you now know where you can go to anytime you need to take a breather from stressful living.

Le Spa

14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253

Tel: 62226803


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