Sunday Picnic

Sunday is day out for the dogs and on this Sunday, we brought the dogs out for a picnic together with Sushi, Daryl and Godson Leo!

Since it was an impromptu idea, I had to look for fast cooking food to bring along for my picnic. In the end, I cooked a batch of bratwurst sausages,  some baked potatoes and popped some corn! This was the first time I made popcorn from an intact cob of corn. I had bought it in the states and decided to try it out!

It tastes exactly like normal popcorn except now Louis gets the remaining cob to to chew on.

Then it’s off to a fun day at the beach! The weather was perfect! Sunny with nice gentle cloud cover. Little Leo slept all the way till he reached the sands and when he woke up in the middle of sandy beaches he was just simply excited. I love his cute outfit  especially his little blue hat.

Leo happily played with the dogs and some of the old school toys found with my retro lip smacker press kit. TheRacerback jersey dress in hot pink I wore that day was sponsored by Global Citizen. It’s super comfy and only $27. You can check out their site at

I don’t have time to go outdoors as much as I used to but I always enjoy time spent in natural surroundings. Be it on a beach, in a park or even camping in the jungle. It’s ironic how I need to actually find time to enjoy the great outdoors and how most of our everyday life is confined within man made concrete walls.


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