Shopping at Seminyak

It was one of the last days in Bali and I needed to do a little shopping for souvenirs and little beach dresses so I headed down to Seminyak. I like shopping in this area cause it’s a lot less messy and crowded compared to Kuta and it’s mainly made up of boutiques instead of the street side outfits. There are a lot of very lovely clothes and maxis in the boutiques here but they aren’t cheap at all so I only bought a couple.

For more casual cheap beach wear and trinkets, Kuta & Leigan are the places to go and if you are hoping to bring home a bit of Bali with you… be it paintings or statues or jewelery and furniture, Ubud is the place to shop at.

Tea break was noodles for me. I like Mades  Warung food at Seminyak. You should give them a try if you are in the area… they are popular with both tourists and locals.

I didn’t take much of the shopping but I did take pictures at the pet clothes store when I popped in to buy some toys and outfits for my 2 dogs.

Louis and Emmie can’t follow me on my trips but  do bring them souvenirs wherever I go.


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