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This is the month of crazy hair colors for me and I’ve gone through quite a few changes in a span of weeks. It’s not the best thing for my hair but I love the changes. Since this month is my birthday month and I’ve taken time off work to relax and have fun, I told the senior stylist, Francis, at Salon. B that they could have fun with my hair to see what suits me best. I was in between hair sponsorships so it was a great time to explore around before deciding.

I went for my appointment in the salon right after a morning yoga session so I wasn’t too made up or dressed up that day. It was my first time at Salon. B and I love the wide airy environment that the salon has overlooking the Tanglin area. Helmed by Sunny Lee and her crew of Korean and asian stylist, they are known for their intense cuts, strong colors and Hallyu (Korean wave) trends. Owner, Sunny Lee, started in her native country, South Korea at 18 and worked there for 10 years. When she moved to Singapore, she had worked at Shunji’s for another 10 years before finally opening her very own Salon. B at Nassim Road. She  has styled the locks of  many top Korean stars such as  H.O.T. and S.E.S., Big Bang and A-list singer Boa.

Senior stylist, Francis, trimmed my hair in layers and suggested I try something stronger and brighter such as Red with Light Brown for my hair color. I was quite shocked when I saw how red the hair dye was but trusted the professional to know what he envisioned for me. He was meticulous in checking my hair condition to make sure that the chemical process would not do too much damage to my extremely fine locks.

Ambience at Salon. B is superb and they give strong and tension easing head massages during the hair washes that made the whole session feel even more pampering.

I’ve since altered my hair color but this was the fierce red hair color I spotted just before I took a family trip to Hong Kong recently. This light brown with red streaks gave me a total rock vibe which is really popular in Korea nowadays.

If you  are interested in the trendiest styles that your favorite KPop stars are sporting and would like a relaxing, pampering place to do your hair then give Salon. B a visit and look for Francis 🙂 Unfortunately for me, these colors were just too eye-catching for work so I changed them after my Hong Kong holiday. They did however make me feel like an absolute rock star!


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TEL: 6235 1620


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