My Review Of Rejuran Healer – The Anti-Aging Cocktail

I’m grateful that I am in the golden age of technological development and research in the pursuit of youth and good skin. Beauty has never been so fascinating as it is now and I was excited to learn of Rejuran Healer. A new advancement which promises to turn back the hands of time by kickstarting your body’s mechanism to self-heal. At first look, Rejuran Healer sounds like it has taken a page out of a sci-fi novel with Salmon DNA fragments (called polynucleotides or PDRN) as the basis of this youthful cocktail. I guess the future is here and I’m more than happy to embrace it. I met with Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic to explore my first foray into Rejuran Healer.

La Clinic Singapore

Dr Rachel Ho and La Clinic

La Clinic is on the 8th floor of Paragon Medical Center. The cosy interior with fun sculptures is light years away from sterile clinics of the yesteryears.

Dr Rachel Ho La Clinic Singapore

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good doctor on your side. Other than a skilful hand, tons of experience, the most important trait is that the doctor cares and wants nothing but the best for your needs.

La Clinic Singapore Dr Rachel Ho Consultation with Karen Ashely ( renzze )

Dr Rachel Ho was friendly, patient, open and she clarified all my questions with confidence and honesty. She is also very dedicated to making sure that her patients achieve what they set out to get. It took me two separate treatments (spaced two months apart) to get the results that I was satisfied with, and Dr Rachel Ho had my back all the way from beginning to end.

Rejuran La Clinic
Rejuran La Clinic

So what exactly is Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation injectable that uses polynucleotides (PN) to give you the running start to activate the body’s natural repair function your skin. Without sounding overly technical. Polynucleotides are made up many nucleotides which are the essential building blocks of your DNA. PN helps your body increase the availability of nutrient and oxygen to the cells for healing to begin. The source of these PN used in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon as their DNA is compatible with human skin and has been found to cause no adverse side effects.

La Clinic Singapore Dr Rachel Ho Consultation with Karen Ashely ( renzze )

What does Rejuran Healer do for me

While all the science talk is exciting, the crux of the matter in a patient viewpoint ( aka me ) is what benefits do I get by doing this treatment. Here’s the list of goodness that you can expect after injecting Rejuran Healer to your skin

  • Skin texture is smoother
  • Skin is more elastic
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are less defined
  • Skin is hydrated and oil production balanced
  • Skin repairs itself (great for acne scars)

I’m pleased that after two treatments of Rejuran Healer combined with Skinboosters and microbotox, I was able to see all of these results. I know that some people experience dramatic improvements just after one treatment but everyone is different and with my age, stressful lifestyle and active travelling schedule, I needed that extra session for my skin to show signs of improvement in a big way. If you followed my Instagram stories (@renzze), you might already have seen some of the experiences that were shared.

Documenting my journey with Rejuran Healer and what to expect; Skinboosters and Microbotox and what to expect during the recovery

I recommend visiting the doctor with a bare face so she can analyse your concerns immediately. Of course, they can and will rewash your face before beginning the treatment. Here’s the condition of my skin. This photo was not taken on an actual day (because it was an honest oversight), but it was taken about a few months prior. I am barefaced in the photo, and my skin condition is about the same.

Before Rejuran

The Prep

Some people could go through a tattoo session laughing at cute kitten videos or have their spleen taken out while they are eating lunch (okay I may be exaggerating, but you get the point). I am not like those people. I am squeamish and have a low threshold for pain. Or maybe I don’t, but I do have an illogical fear dancing in my head of future pain and of needles. Dr Rachel Ho not only took my craziness in stride, but she also did all she could to make sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure.

washing face at La Clinic before Rejuran Healer
Numbing face at La Clinic before Rejuran Healer

The first step is to wash then numb my face with numbing cream. The numbing takes about 15 mins which is a good time to make sure that you clarify any other questions you have about the procedure.

la clinic pills

To make sure that I experience minimal pain, Dr Rachel Ho gives me a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory medication.

The injection

Now we head in for the injection (aka the kill).

Rejuran Healer La Clinic Dr Rachel Ho
Rejuran Healer La Clinic Dr Rachel Ho
Rejuran Healer La Clinic Dr Rachel Ho

Dr Rachel Ho did a 3-in-1 for me by combining skin boosters, micro-botox and Rejuran Healer in one session. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense because all these elements work of various levels to improve the overall skin heal and adds nothing extra to the expected downtime. It is the most efficient way to get the most out of your session. Dr Rachel Ho uses an injector gun to give an even coverage throughout my face. While I cannot say that it was painless (especially for someone like me), I  can attest that the pain is manageable and I was still making light conversations with the doctor throughout.

What to expect immediately after Rejuran Healer

With micro needle holes and redness, this is probably the scariest your face looks after Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox are injected.

Red light La Clinic Dr Rachel Ho

Dr Rachel Ho puts on a calming mask and gives me an LED light treatment that helps to the redness down a notch. The good news is that it looks more painful and scary then it feels. There is no pain at all once the injection portion is completed.

Immediately after Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox

Immediately after Rejuran Healer

Despite this terrible face, I still went ahead with lunch appointments after this as my face started to look less swollen.

Eight hours after Rejuran Healer

eight hours after rejuran healer

It looks like I had a bad case of acne and that is what some people assumed until I told them that it was due to the immediate after-effects of Rejuran Healer.

All that is left to do is to wait for my skin to recover. La Clinic gave me some anti-inflammatory pills (which I never took because my skin calmed down before I even got home) and an anti-bacterial cream to protect my surface wounds.

The next few days after Rejuran Healer

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. There is downtime after Rejuran Healer, and it varies how long from person to person. I took about four days before the surface wounds recovered.

Day 2 after Rejuran Healer

day 2 after rejuran healer

Day 3 after Rejuran Healer

Day 3 after rejuran healer

I didn’t wear anything other than the anti-bacterial cream for the first day after Rejuran Healer. Usual skincare on the next two days and the fourth day, my skin felt calm and healed enough for me to put on some tinted moisturiser.

In the following weeks after Rejuran Healer

My skin seems to be looking better after Rejuran Healer until I started on an intense travelling schedule to Europe and Morocco with extreme temperatures. While my skin gave me zero problems even when I was in the desert, I didn’t feel completely satisfied with the results. However, I know it was an unfair expectation to see vast improvements on my skin after subjecting myself to such unforgiving environments.

before rejuran healer 2nd session

However, my follow-up appointment with Dr Rachel Ho reassured me that another round of Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox would get me to where I envisioned my skin to be.

The condition of my skin before the second session of Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox

before rejuran healer 2nd session

before rejuran healer 2nd session

The comparison of my skin before Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox and after the first session


before rejuran healer


before rejuran healer 2nd session


You can see there was already a little bit of improvement. My forehead lines have lightened a little, and my nasolabial lines (laugh lines) are also shallower. Skin is also not as dehydrated as before.

Rejuran Healer for the second time

I did the treatment again, and this time, my downtime only took three days instead of 4. I take it as an indication that my skin can heal itself faster now.

Immediately after Rejuran Healer, Skinbooster and Microbotox (2nd session)

after rejuran healer 2nd session

Fifth Day after Rejuran Healer with makeup on

5 days after rejuran healer 2nd session

Within three weeks, I saw a massive difference.

My dehydrated and dull skin brightened, and my pores shrunk a little. I have always had huge pores (since I was a teenager) so this was exciting for me. My makeup glides on better and stays longer. However, with better skin, I found myself going completely bare-faced even more often. I once surveyed my IG stories (@renzze) asking people if they would rather have good facial features and bad skin or good skin with an average looking face. Astoundingly, an 82% voted for good skin with standard features. It’s a good thing that good skin is now achievable with the right products, treatments and lifestyle.

Barefaced a month after two sessions of Rejuran session

3 months after rejuran healer

3 months after rejuran healer

Comparison of my face from 3 months ago before Rejuran Healer to the current state


before rejuran healer


3 months after rejuran healer


Comparison of my face from before my second session of Rejuran Healer to the current state



3 months after rejuran healer



My skin is far from perfect, but Rejuran Healer has helped me take a giant step into improving it. At thirty-seven, my skin gets dry so easily, and the biggest change for me is that now my skin is so much more hydrated and dewy. Large pores and fine lines are still there but way less obvious. I’m happy with the results of Rejuran Healer and will gladly recommend it to anyone else interested in anti-ageing solutions beyond your daily upkeep. If you have uneven skin texture or scars, this would be one good way to force your skin to repair itself. Thank you Dr Rachel Ho and La Clinic.

To understand more about Rejuran Healer, Dr Rachel Ho has a detailed explanation in her blog post, Rejuran Healer: What You Should Know Before Getting It 

La Clinic

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#08-01/02 Paragon Medical Centre
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Phone: +65 6235 4040

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