Rainbow dumplings

I spent my first half of my day down at Melva’s shop, Nailvibe. I always love her shop cause the colors of the many nail polishes are always so pretty and she seems to constantly have new stock.  I was telling her all about my excitement in trying out stop motion animation (will do a whole post on that soon!) and during the time I was there, a nailvibe stop motion was born. ( If you can’t see it below, click here).

Anyways, I’m totally digressing cause the point of this post is my dinner with Audrey. She brought me to Paradise Dynasty at Ion for dinner. I think I must be a real mountain tortoise cause I’ve always seen those colorful xiao long bao photos that friend put up on facebook but I never tried them before.  So I was excited when she told me that this restaurant serves them and that they are all different flavored and pretty tasty!

I love the colored dumplings but what I love even more at the restaurant is their pumpkin pancake dessert! I even ordered seconds! Their other specialty is handmade noodles which is pretty good as well. All in all, it’s a place I’ll visit again as long as the queue isn’t too bad because I heard that they don’t do reservations.

It was nice catching up with Audrey and finding out how she’s handling at work. I really don’t meet her often enough and it’s entirely my fault!


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