Melbourne Trip 2015

Today’s {Throwback Thursday} photos got me missing Melbourne. I always have such a lovely time there with close friends and good food. I was supposed to have organised a mini trip there this month to reunite with friends but my work schedule hasn’t been kind and helping out to get The Pourover Bar ready for the end month launch has taken up a lot of my free time. Helping Raphael out with the opening a of his coffee bar setup (even when it’s a very small one) is such an eye-opening experience especially when it comes to the amount of work and thought that is required for each flow of the business.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some photos from my last trip to Melbourne. My DSLR had a huge mishap and I was left with a little compact camera and my handphone to capture all the lovely memories I had. Quality of photos you see here aren’t that great but they still evoke happiness when I see them.

I got to spend lots of time with my bestie and there were a lot of meetups with old friends over brunch and drinks (they have the best cafe culture there and don’t let me get started on the awesome quality of the coffees) as we catch up on our gossips and interesting life developments. It’s the kind of holiday that is just good for your soul.

Melbourne also happens to be Raphael’s favourite city (he did spend 5 years living there) and he happily brought me around (or rather insisted that I go) re-visiting his old haunts such as Queen Victoria Market, Seven Seeds, Carte Crepes, etc. Even simple things like Macca’s (which are what McDonalds is called in Australia) brings a smile to his face. Meanwhile, I made special effort to try out some new spots my girlfriends recommended me as well as made time to revisit places and restaurants I fell in love with from my previous trips. One of the must eat/visit place every time I’m in Melbourne is Izakaya Den for my favourite corn fritters (they are the absolute bomb!). The rest of their menu is pretty good as well.

We had so many delicious meals I simply can’t list them all here but some of them are so good they deserve for me to blog about them when I have time. Currently, I’m just taking a small break from reading and vetting reports to share these photos.

I’ll end with photos of my bestie’s cat, Kim, because everyone loves a cat photo right? Hope this cheers up your day too!


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