Mekong Delta

On my hired boat on the Mekong Delta. The water is rather muddy looking but I was told that the Mekong Delta is constantly being explored by various scientists and biologist because over 10,000 new species have been discovered in the delta and more are being discovered all the time. A rat believed to be extinct for 11 million years (Laotian Rock Rat), new species of frogs, spiders, plants, fish snakes salamanders among others, have been found in the largely unexplored Mekong Delta region.

The Mekong Delta is the river that pulls the economy of this area together. Vietnam is the 2nd largest exporter of rice after Thailand and many rely on the water from this river. The river is constantly bustling with life from tourist boats to work boats. In the photo above, you can see a tiny tug boat dragging along a whole pile of sand that is at least 3 to 4 times it’s size.


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