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I was invited to Lolita New York to try out their services and I think I’m hooked! They are fabulous and the best part of the whole service is that I feel that the brains behind this business actually knows and cares for what women want and they have done all the right research to give it to us!

First on their list of beauty services is eyelash extensions. Just before going to try out eyelash extensions, my girl friend, Koji, who has done eyelash extensions for years told me to think twice. She said that it would cause my lashes to fall off and I might have no more lashes in time!!!! She also told me that it would fall in clumps and would look really weird once it starts dropping. You can imagine my heavy heart as I made my decision to try out eyelash extension. But vanity got the better of me. And I’m glad it did!

Lolita New York uses Novalash, a cutting edge premium technique and product. All the girls actually flew to New York for their training and certification! They would access your natural eyelash and tell you what sort of lashes you are suitable try for your extensions instead of just sticking blindly. It’s pain free and unlike your usual cheap eyelash extension glue, Novalash is of medical grade and formaldehyde free!! Fantastic for sensitive eyes like mine!

They don’t glue in clumps so it would only drop the same way your natural lashes drop and regrow so no odd weird gaps even if the lashes drop. And the amazingly the lashes don’t really drop!!! They really last even if you go to a sauna! The only thing you have to keep away from your lashes is oil. I’ve had my lashes on for more than 2 weeks and am still receiving countless of compliments on my “natural long lashes”. When I put on false lashes, it’s pretty but it’s also obviously fake. But these go individually on your natural lashes so even if people look hard, they still think it’s real!

And if that’s not exciting enough, Lolita New York even has customized make up! One of the owners, Jo, has done extensive research for years to make sure that only the best would make it to our skins. Every skin is different and no one make up product can be suitable for everyone’s unique skin type. But at Lolita New York, they will formulate a unique blend just for your unique skin! I don’t usually wear make up because it clogs our pores. But here, every ingredient is imported from the states and your make up is built from stretch before your very eyes. No harmful and useless ingredients added to save cost in a mass production. Just a raw mixture of what your skin needs.

I had a patch test to see if I was sensitive to any of the ingredients then Deidre helped me to mix a on concoction to give me some sunblock, oil control, moisture balancing and shine reduction in my skin’s perfect shade! It was light and it really lasts the whole day! You should see the gorgeous complexion of the girls at the store using it!

Other than the foundation, I was amazed at the concoction of mineral colors the girls came up with! Everything you see is a limited edition and the colors are changing all the time! How could you every be bored. These mineral powders can be used as eye shadows, blusher, lip color and even nail polish! Talk about being versatility!

I could go on raving but I think their products speak for themselves and I can’t wait to go down again for my next session! They have another hidden special product that I’ve been trying out and I can’t wait to share with you all but that would have to wait for now 🙂

Meanwhile, if you want to go check out their eye lash extension or their custom mineral make up range,

Lolita New York sits at Marina Link #B1-12, most accessible from Esplanade Exchange. If you are driving, parking at Marina Mandarin will be nearest.

Give them a call at 63389981 to make your booking now!



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