July 2014 {InstaFlashback}

It’s been a tumultuous and busy period for me but {InstaFlashback} posts like this one always reminds me that I have so much in life to be thankful for.

I started July with a staycation at MBS with Melva and Sushi. Morning yoga in the sky gym was wonderful!

Had fun celebrating the World Cup with Mcdonalds.


My godsons Leo and Lysander made me a gorgeous card and even attached the seashell they picked in Phuket to brighten up my days.

Melva and I pledge #fffriday which mean Foundation Free Fridays with Porcelain Face Spa. But to be honest, I’ve been going foundation free and almost makeup free for quite a few years now.

July was also the period of World Cup Fever all over the world.

Raphael made cold drip coffee and delivered it to me in a flask while I was working to relaunch the new layout of my blog then. It was a rather stressful day so the gesture was super sweet since I only take cold drip coffee.

My bestie, Sushi and my godsons came to the airport to send me off to Osaka, Japan! Leo had so much fun taking selfies and wefies!

Japan is one of my favourite countries to shop and eat. There’s the usual ramen, sushi, sashimi and yakitori but I wanted to highlight that even a simple grilled chicken salad tastes sooooooooo good there.

Learnt all about taking care of dry skin at the Vaseline workshop.

Did an instagram campaign for Lactacyd Vacation Goals Contest.

The feast Jessie and I ordered for lunch at Wheeler’s Yard! So much but so good!

Have you read my lovely experience with ‘ Places with Momentum‘ ?

Melva and I after our Korean make-over by Laneige! Love how chio Melva is!

Loving the gorgeous waters and the beautiful beaches in Lombok Indonesia !

Wandered around Kuta beach at low tide and the friendly strays kept following close by my side as I made my way over the rocks and coral sand . 

Turquoise waters that are absolutely clear! Took this photo just before my snorkelling adventure in Lombok.

Thanks to @airasiasg and Lombok Tourism Board for the pampering I had in Lombok.

I spotted this on the beach during lowtide. Funny how it’s scary to some and appetising to others. #uni #うに #ricci #seaurchin #seahedgehog 

I love watching the sunset. It’s a simple, free activity that makes my day just so much better.

Visited the pearl farm in Lombok.

Had so many beautiful memories of Lombok and made so many new friends. I don’t think I can ever be sick of exploring new places.

Sam and I on the Air Asia flight departing Lombok.

Managed to squeeze some time in between work and travel to spend time with my granny and to celebrate her birthday.

Flew to KL to spend time with friends.

First stop in KL has to be for food and one of the must-eats is KL Hokkien noodles fresh from the wok !

Aikee brought me through crazy traffic to taste Kayu Penang Nasi Kandar for lunch.

Always up to strange ventures when I visit. This time it’s vodka watermelon for late night gathering of friends at KL.

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee is another must-eat in KL. Thanks to Andrew and Grace for indulging my tummy.


Lime rose yogurt with digestive biscuits and sunflower seeds for dessert!

Totally amazed at the massive number of choices that KL economical rice has. I must go back again!

I started to fall ill and having mild fever in KL but drinking 苦茶 (bitter tea) in KL with the extra herbal powder does really help to keep the heatiness down.

Went away to the middle of a forest retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Had lots of inspiration to write with the beautiful views of trees and mountains just in front of me. The wifi there wasn’t good enough for me to blog but I did try to upload an update or two on Instagram.

There was both a sunrise and sunset infinity pool at our retreat where I spent most of my time.

I loved the digital detox. Rainforest trekking in the day to laze in waterfalls then returning to our jungle #retreat for board games, reading books on the hammock followed by sunset BBQ and dipping into the infinity pool from twilight till starlight. This retreat in Negeri Sembilan is such a hidden treasure.

Staying in this 4 room villa in Phuket was total luxury!

Doesn’t look like much but this pork noodles has a totally addictive broth. It’s high on my list of reasons on why I was lured back to Phuket Thailand.

Stumbled upon a lovely cafe with nature surrounding me and a view of the city below while heading up the hill on the way to see Big Buddha in Phuket.


Congrats to Andrew for his successful proposal to Grace! I’m glad we managed to keep everything a secret so she could be surprised!

The boys made delicious and healthy eggs and banana pancakes with coconut ice-cream for breakfast in the villa. Totally pampered!

Spotted this white cat imitating Buddha sleeping posture at the Big Buddha temple. It wasn’t intentional which makes it even cuter.

Found a official Sanrio store in Phuket Thailand and I was a happy girl shopping for both myself and gifts for my dearest girl friends.

The things we do: Swim with a floating beer bar in our villa pool.

OOTD in Phuket. Super strong winds!

Missed Thailand so much I came back to Singapore and cooked my version of Pineapple Fried Rice. Not as good of course.

Thanks for reading and recapping my July 2014 with me.



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