Island Life

Being perpetually in swim wear was a norm for my in Bali. And I love how I can come out straight from a swim to the restaurant  cause I get really hungry after a good swim.

The stone carvings on the wall were really interesting. Those who have been to Bali before would know that the Balinese are a very talented lot of artisans.  They manually carve huge statues out of rocks in the most life-like forms. If you are interested you can browse their work in Ubud. I’ve been quite a few times as I go Bali very often so I decided to give it a miss this time round.

Please excuse my wet bottom cause I wore this top and shorts over my wet swim wear.

Fish for dinner! The rice is displayed really uniquely and I’ve seen the same presentation in other restaurants in Bali as well


Headed back into the pool as soon as my dinner digested!

I’ve had quite a few emails asking me about The Grand Bali. Well, it was my first time staying there. The wedding planner had co-ordinated the whole booking arrangements and it was USD 100 or so for each night. I’m not sure if this is the usual going rate but I would assume it wouldn’t vary too much. It’s a pretty decent hotel though if you have a little more to splurge, getting a villa is most recommended. For those who are on a really tight budget, Harris at Kuta offers a clean, no frills hotel that is slightly easier on the pockets.

BTW, the wedding wasn’t held in The Grand Bali. But I’ll come to that soon enough.

We spent our evenings at the bar, playing pool, catching up and having suppers. It’s a good way to unwind from the  hectic Singapore lifestyle. I could definitely see myself doing the island life as part of my retirement plan.

I’ll start on the wedding in the next post! There are just so many photos and it was such a fabulous wedding! Here’s just a short summary video.


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